From the Day of Dedication Bulletin, (February 24, 1929)

“What of the future?
What the future has in store, only God knows. But it is certain that the prospects for the future are as bright as the promises of God.

St. Luke’s holds fast to the precious values of the old truths of Christianity and relates them to the new problems of the new age. It is a church liberal enough to give the individual ample opportunity to use and develop his powers; it is conservative enough to furnish a safe anchor for the soul.”

Mission Statement (adopted 1982)

We, the members of St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, are a congregation of people who believe in Jesus Christ. We are committed to glorifying God through worship and acting as His disciples by learning about our role in His kingdom on earth.

We are committed to changing lives through the Holy Spirit by the witness we make to those we meet in our daily lives and the service we render to the oppressed people of the world. We support and strengthen one another through Christian fellowship and by sharing the Good News that Jesus Christ is our personal Savior.

Vision Statement (adopted 2003. revised 2006. adopted by congregation 2007)

St Luke’s is committed to knowing Christ and making Christ known. We strive to develop a Christian community that invites and values all people, that nurtures growth with God and each other, and that encourages openness, acceptance, trust, and service to God and God’s community.

Statement of  Welcome (adopted 2004)

St. Luke’s, as a community of the people of God, affirms its intention to openly welcome and value every person who comes to our church regardless of race, national and ethnic origin, age, physical, mental and emotional condition or capacity, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, economic situation or addiction. We affirm that we are all unique individuals created by God, in need of God’s forgiveness, and worthy of God’s  love and mercy. All persons named and unnamed above are welcome within the membership of our congregation upon making the same affirmation of faith that all other members make.

Strategic Goals (adopted 2009)

IGNITE a passion for worship, ministry and mission at St. Luke’s
INVITE members and newcomers to connect through ministries, social and service opportunities
IDENTIFY and mentor leaders
INSPIRE the congregation to move forward with St. Luke’s Building Plan

Mission Statement (adopted 2015)

“We are a faith community inspired by God’s love, welcoming all, courageously living Christ’s ministry for the world.”