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Rick Steves’ Luther and the Reformation – DVD

Rick Steves’ Luther and the Reformation – DVD, Rick Steves, renowned travel writer and PBS travel show host, has produced this DVD highlighting his European travels in the footsteps of Martin Luther. Steves presents the story of Luther the monk, his life-changing actions during a chaotic period in the Christian church, and the Reformation’s larger political, theological and economic context. He tells a story of “power, rebellion and faith.”


Katharina Von Bora: A Reformation Life

Katharina Von Bora: A Reformation Life by Rudolf K. Markwald, Follow the life of Katharina, wife of Martin Luther, who was a courageous and faithful reformer in her own right. You will learn of Katharina’s own adversities and challenges and how she still advocated for evangelical reforms. You will learn many details of Martin and Katharina’s life together and the respect and support they had for each other while adhering to their cause of Christian reform.

The Life of Martin Luther

The Life of Martin Luther: A Pop-up Book by Agostina Traini. This is a must-read for all children for its beautifully presented events in the life of Martin Luther – from his decision to become a monk to his posting of the 95 theses to his translation of the Bible into the common language. The vibrant and colorful illustrations literally jump off the pages to engage young readers in this fascinating era in the history of the Christian church.

Atlas of the European Reformation

Atlas of the European Reformations by Tim Dowley is a valuable addition to anyone’s study of the Reformation as we approach the 500th anniversary of Luther’s bold actions, as well as those of many other reformers in his time. The book includes timelines, graphics and maps that help explain the political and religious context before, during and after the various reformation movements, including Lutheran, English, Anabaptist and Reformed.

Islam: What Non-Muslims Should Know

Islam: What Non-Muslims Should Know, by John Kalter. This little book contains basic information about Islam in a fair and easy-to understand form. This religion of prescribed practices, known as The Five Pillars of Islam, needs to be understood on its own terms. The author is committed to helping non-Muslims become open to learning about the deep humanism and the cherished traditions of Islam.

Story of Moses

The Story of Moses and God’s Promise by Martina Smith.  The story of Moses is one of trust in God’s promise of freedom for the people of Israel.  Follow Moses as a baby saved from Pharaoh, his encounter with a burning bush and God’s promise, and how Moses led his people out of Egypt, and delivered the God’s rules, the Ten Commandments, to his people.


Joseph and His Brothers

Joseph and His Brothers, and other Bible Stories by Rebecca Glaser. Read how Joseph journeyed to Egypt, how he interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams, and how Joseph forgave his brothers who had betrayed him.  This storybook contains colorful illustrations and activites for children.

Story of Creation

The Story of Creation, by Martina Smith. The Creation story is both familiar and captivating for children, and invokes a sense of wonderment and praise. This new account of the Creation can be read aloud or independently, and includes fun activities to help children relate to God’s amazing world.

Spark Story Bible

The Spark Story Bible: Spark a Journey through God’s Word. The Spark Story Bible and the Spark Bible NRSV are currently being used by our youngsters in Sunday School each week.  Their retellings of Bible stories are rich and vibrant, and make wonderful family story time. You may wish to browse the many alternative Bibles we’ve recently acquired to enhance your and your children’s understanding of the Word of God.  Check them out!

Red Butterfly

Red Butterfly by A. L. Sonnichsen. Kara is an eleven-year old Chinese orphan girl taken in by an American woman in China. Although Kara has a comfortable life, she feels “different” and wonders about her origins, and also about “daddy” living in the USA. This emotional young adult novel about love and family is told in lyrical verse, with beautiful illustrations interspersed as an added bonus. It’s a good read for young and old readers alike.