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Gallery of Saint Luke’s Windows – Table of Contents

Door-JohnFrom the list below, select the window you wish to view. To see the details in each large window, move your cursor or finger over the image. For the smaller windows, click the image to enlarge.

The windows were designed and fabricated by Michaudel Stained Glass Studio, 542 N. Paulina St. Chicago, IL. Arthur Michaudel died before the project was completed. Edmund Serbicki took over the firm and completed the windows.

Alfonso Ianelli, a local artist, encouraged the congregation to consider adding color to the sanctuary. Most of the windows were installed in the years immediately following World War II. In the 1980’s the stained glass windows were removed and re-leaded and aluminum frames replaced the wooden ones.

Emily Carlson designed the Creation Window.  She is the owner of Solstice Art Source, Inc. of Chicago.

Interpretation for a few of the symbols in these windows is attributed  to © 2000 Walter E. Gast All rights reserved.

Detailed description of the iconography of the windows is found on each window’s page:

Sanctuary Windows – West Wall (Old Testament)


Sanctuary Windows – East Wall (New Testament)

Saint Peter
Saint Paul

Jesus Window – North Wall

Saint Luke Window – South Wall

Balcony Windows – The Windows of Struggle

Christ in Gethsemane
Go Out With Joy

Windows in the Sanctuary Doors

Windows in the Entrance Doors

Windows in the Office

Creation Window – Atrium

Processional Cross (illuminated by the Jesus window)