Green Team

The Green Team meets 4th Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. They work on ways to help our congregation reduce its impact on the earth’s resources.

Projects Undertaken Thus Far:

  • Energy Audit through Faith in Place
  • Walk and Bike now Roll and Stroll Sundays
  • Changing out over 100 lightbulbs to energy efficient bulbs
  • Sponsoring Faith in Place speakers
  • Helping to make church events sustainable
  • Green Spots in the church newsletter
  • Working on an environmentally friendly solution to the west side water runoff from the roof
  • Evaluation of possible solar installation
  • Created a Rain Garden on the west side of the church. This sustainable project captures and moves storm water and sump pump outflow away from our building’s foundation and disperse it in an environmentally friendly and code-compliant manner. Read about the project HERE> and see pictures of the Rain Garden installation HERE>

The Green Team publishes Green Tips to help you live a Greener Life

Carbon Footprint Calclulator
Reducing Pesticide Use
Recycling of all types
Commercial Composting available in Park Ridge