Seasons in the Church

“The liturgy is of comfort to the disarrayed mind. We need not choose our thoughts, the words are aligned, like a rope for us to cling to.”  Sister Monica Joan*

No matter your age or gender, our liturgical form of worship invites you to participate. Join with us in song and prayer as we travel the year from hope and anticipation through the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of our Lord and meditate on his teachings and mighty works.liturgyThe images in these photo albums record the seasons of the church year 2016 at St. Luke’s. They remind us of the scripture texts,  hymns and prayers that define each season. Click on each link to view each collection as an album or as a slide show. Each picture may be enlarged for closer viewing.

© Photos by Kim Garber Lifton
* Call the Midwife, A BBC television series created by Heidi Thomas, originally based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth