Church Council

Minutes of the Church Church Council: Recording Secretary
Irene Jinks, Recording Secretary

Council Actions December 2017
Council Actions November 2017
Council Actions October 2017
Council Actions September 2017
Council Actions August 2017
Council Actions July 2017
Council Actions June 2017
Council Actions May 2017
Council Actions April 2017
Council Actions March 2017
Council Actions February 2017
Annual Meeting Actions 2017
Council Actions January 2017

Members of the St. Luke’s Church Council:

Tom Anderson, Treasurer
James Beyreis, Vice President
Jeff Bork
Rebecca Cross
Lindsey Frank
Claranne English, President
Robert Keller
Carole  Miserendino, Secretary
Cynthia Nommensen
Anita Paxhia
Kathy Raeder, Financial Secretary
Ryan Stetler
Charles Walker
Michael Besler, Youth Member
Allison Paxhia, Youth Member
Pastor Richard W. Johnson, Lead Pastor
Irene Jinks, Recording Secretary

St. Luke’s Cabinets: 

Faith Formation and Learning Cabinet: Aleli Scerba
Outreach Cabinet: Jeff Mohl
Congregational Life Cabinet: Cindy Nommensen
Member Care Cabinet: Julie Russell
Operations & Management Cabinet: Dennis Diana
Worship & Music Cabinet: Kim Hendee
Financial Management Team: Tom Anderson
Human Resources Committee: Claranne English

For a brief description of the responsibilities of each Cabinet