Introducing Suriname

St. Luke’s supports the Rev. Kevin Jacobson, missionary to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Suriname.  The Lutheran Church is small, with only 4,000 members in 5 congregations.  It was founded by Dutch settlers in 1742.  View the pictures of St. Luke’s members 2014 trip to Suriname and Guyana here.

Confirmation Class 2011

Weekly worship services, pastoral ministry to its membership, education and health care are the most important ministries of the ELKS. The ELKS has a full-time chaplain serving one of the local hospitals. For higher education, Biblical and theological study, the ELKS has links with the local Moravian seminary and with the United Theological College of the West Indies in Jamaica. From 2000 – 2007 the ELKS developed an outreach program in an area of Paramaribo called Mattenshoop. A congregation was formed and a church building erected and dedicated 2007.

The Rev. Kevin Jacobson is the only missionary currently serving in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Suriname. Kevin serves the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Suriname as pastor of the Maartin Luther Kerk (Martin Luther Church) in Paramaribo and assists the ELKS in the development, planning and implementation of leadership development strategies and programs.

Kevin had to learn to speak Dutch for service in Suriname.  He states that the ELKS is blessed with hope-filled people.   His ministry is “to work along side the people of ELKS and MLK, encountering the challenge of recognizing, acknowledging, and organizing the gifts of the people and the church.”