St Luke’s Congregation is preparing to sponsor a refugee family in 2018.

Each day, throughout the world, there is profound suffering by people who have been displaced due to war, economic turmoil and natural disasters. The human toll is unimaginable. Solving this global problem is daunting. Progress is being made, however, through local communities working together and sponsoring one family at a time. One family, among the more than 20 million refugee families worldwide, is a small step, but for that family it is a life-saving and generational change.

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church has made a commitment to be one of those life-saving communities. Through a gift matching process, built into the Debt Reduction Appeal, we are hoping to fund two refugee family resettlements here in the Chicagoland area. The vision behind the Debt Reduction Campaign was to establish a financial foundation that would make a generational contribution in the life of St. Luke’s. So it was only fitting that the companion outreach program was RefugeeOne.

RefugeeOne is a Chicago-based organization and the largest resettlement agency in Illinois. Since 1982 they have successfully resettled 17,500 individuals, most of which have become self-reliant in as few as 6-9 months.

We offer a heartfelt thank you to all of you that have supported the Debt Reduction Appeal, and, our ambitious refugee co-sponsorship effort. Our St. Luke’s team is ramping up plans to provide hosting logistics starting sometime early in 2018.

To make that a reality, and to ensure we are able to fund both refugee families, we are seeking additional donations to augment our Debt Reduction Appeal funds. With an additional $5,000 in donations we expect to be able to fully complete both family co-sponsorships. To make your contribution please visit the following site Please share this link to all of your friends and family as we want to cast our net to a broader group. If you prefer, you may make your contribution on St. Luke’s “Give Online” site.

Also, we welcome additional volunteers to our team. If you are interested in volunteering or if you have questions about this outreach effort please contact LaDonna Taylor at

Thank you!
St. Luke’s RefugeeOne Co-Sponsorship Committee

Information about refugee resettlement from:

In 2011, St. Luke’s Sunday School students collected household supplies to help refugee families set up housekeeping in their new homes.  See the pictures in the Chicago Tribune’s TribLocal

Listen to the 2011 RefugeeOne interview with Greg Wangerin on WBEZ 91.5 FM program, World View