World Hunger

St. Luke’s contributed $28,178 to ELCA World Hunger in 2016.

We are very grateful for each of you who continued to support ELCA World Hunger Campaign with gifts that nourished and sustained those in need.  Our Goal for 2017 is $27,000

Every year St. Luke’s Global Links sets up a Good Gifts Fair to encourage members and friends to support ELCA World Hunger by purchasing farm animals, water pumps, tools, health care, textbooks as well as many other things that enable people to live healthier more productive lives.  View the pictures of the Global Links Annual Good Gifts Fair

Recipes for Ethnic Foods Served at the Global COW Evenings by St. Luke’s Global Links to raise money for ELCA World Hunger.

To support ELCA World Hunger, St. Luke’s Card Ministry has joined with Global Links Team to create beautiful hand-made greeting cards for all occasions.  The cards are available the second Sunday of each month in the Atrium for a donation of at least $5.00. For more information about these keepsake cards Click HERE>.

Thanks for your support…and keep up the good work!

ELCA World Hunger responds to hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world by addressing root causes. Through a comprehensive program of reliefdevelopmenteducation, and advocacy, people are connected to the resources they need to lift themselves out of poverty. Between 70-75 percent of ELCA World Hunger funds are spent internationally, and 20-25 percent are spent domestically.