TEE: Arabic Language & Culture

TEE is an educational, engaging program for teaching children and youth the Arabic language and culture. Mai Khader Kakish, program director, and her friends offer the program to enrich the lives of children whose heritage is from the Arabic cultures of Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The children meet on Fridays at St. Luke’s Church. For more information contact Mai Kakish TEE stands for:

  • Teach children and youth language and culture. The curriculum will help the children foster understanding and appreciation of the Arabic language, Arab history and culture.
  • Engage the youth and children in creative work and learning.
  • Expose Arab American children and youth to their rich Arabic culture and language through projects, themes, field trips, music, etc.

TEE program is packed in a fun and a creative environment that will help the children naturally learn the language through play, exploration and hands on projects. At TEE the teachers fully immerse the students in the art of the Arabic language and engage them in cultural experiences. Classes focus on speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.
Language activities include story time, show and tell, class discussions, puppet plays, group and individual story writing, letters recognition, letter sounds, the children will also practice writing letters and words.

TEE program is packed with various fun themes and activities: Creative Play, cooking, segments, dabkeh learning, passport trips where we virtually travel and learn about countries in the Middle East, field trips, movie days, story time, theme planned lessons, and career day.

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