Members tell their reasons for using online giving to support the work of this congregation and its outreach around the world. If you would like to give online, click the Give Online Button on this page.

Tom Anderson

TomAndersonMy name is Tom Anderson and I’ve been a member of St. Luke’s since 2003.  I serve as the Congregation Treasurer and thus am an officer of the Church Council and the Financial Management Team.  I enjoy singing with the Chamber Choir and participating in various musical ensembles by playing my trombone or, on very special occasions, my tambourine.

Being an active member of our church does require a commitment of time and energy.  I believe, though, that there really is a tangible return on this investment.  Whatever your area of interest, your consistent work as part of a church group will touch more people and have a greater impact than you’d likely experience doing that work on your own.  Plus, you make some friends and have some fun along the way.

Being an active giver to our church requires commitment as well.  And quite honestly, the return on this investment is not always easy to quantify.  As treasurer, I have learned that there are such a large variety of sources and uses of funds at St. Luke’s that on some days it just makes my head spin.  So it would be hard for me to show you the specific way that your contribution last week helped the church.  But to slightly adapt my comment above about active membership – “whatever your area of interest, your consistent giving as part of the church will touch more people and have a greater impact than you’d likely experience making those donations on your own”. And when you step back and see the impact that St. Luke’s makes on so many people, it is truly overwhelming.

Focus for a moment on the “consistent” part of that message.  As with your household finances, the church needs regular deposits into our account to fund the many programs and meet the obligations that we have every month.  We always find a way to meet that challenge, but we need your help!  Online giving is a great way to smooth out the bumps in the road that come when members are travelling, working or just too busy to get that offering envelope to church on Sunday.  And please know that your tremendous generosity, whether via online giving, paper or coins, is appreciated and continues to bless the ministry of St. Luke’s! For more information go to: Consider Online Giving at St. Luke’s 

Dennis & Kathy Figler

FiglerWe are Dennis and Kathy Figler.  St. Luke’s has been our home church since 1982, our son Christopher joined in 1991 when he was baptized.  A few years ago we began giving online. We have enjoyed not having to find the envelope, write a check and remember to bring the envelope to church.  We wish we had known this service was available from the beginning.  It is so simple, you just type in the amount and push a button and it’s done.  There is also an option to have your offering withdrawn automatically. We just found out recently that we can give additional contributions in the same way, such as memorials, World Hunger, mortgage reduction fund, etc. In the future, we will begin using this online giving service for these contributions as well. We feel once you try it, you will be convinced that it’s an easier way to give.  We urge you to try it. For more information go to:  St. Luke’s Online Giving

Todd & Kathy Raeder

1520fec7-dc4d-4343-8417-4ea9a804fdd9-2My name is Todd Raeder. My wife, Kathy, and our family have been members of St. Luke’s since 1984. St. Luke’s ministries have been a big part of our lives and will continue well into the future. As chair of the Stewardship Committee, I am leading the annual commitment drive and urge everyone to prayerfully consider your 2016 giving. You should have received a letter with a green commitment card. Please forward this to St. Luke’s at your earliest opportunity.

This is also a great time to take advantage of St. Luke’s online giving program. We’ve been giving online for many years using the “automatic withdrawal” method that pulls money from our checking account each month. This is great for St Luke’s – it is easier for our staff and more efficient. Even when we travel and aren’t in church we’re assured that our contributions are getting to St. Luke’s to support the many wonderful programs and activities.

It is an awesome  program for everyone involved. We highly recommend online giving. Check it out on St. Luke’s website and choose the method that works best for you. St. Luke’s Online Giving

Joel Hoiland

Joel_HoilandFor the past few weeks we have been featuring St. Luke’s members who take advantage of online giving to make their membership contributions. Like them, our family gives online as well. Join the many St. Luke’s members who are using the online giving service. For more information go to: St. Luke’s Online Giving


Here’s why we give online:

  • Benefits for Members​​
  • Easy, safe and secure
  • Saves time, one less activity to perform on Sunday morning
  • No forgetting to write a check, or lost checks
  • Timely delivery of pledged donations, even when traveling or unable to attend worship
  • Scheduled online giving provides consistent cash flow to pay for ministry activities
  • Easy to set-up and maintain
  • No added cost
  • A greener approach to giving; no paper required

Dawn & Roger Christiansen

DawnMy name is Dawn Christiansen. My husband, Roger, and I joined St. Luke’s a few years ago. We are somewhat new to online banking and until recently had not taken advantage of the many conveniences. The first thing I did was speak with my banker who walked me through the process of setting up our online banking account. Once we had our banking online I started “online giving” with St. Luke’s. It is easy to set up and I can set it to recur at the same time each month, whether I’m in church or not. Definitely a win-win for everyone. I recommend that all St. Luke’s members consider giving online. For more information, Click HERE>

Claire Buettner

claireWhy do I give my tithe to the church? I feel Gratitude to God for the comfort in which I live; I have Responsibility for this St. Luke’s community to which I belong; and I feel Compelled by the suffering and struggle of people all over the world to whom I can reach out with assistance. Several years ago, I clicked the Give Online Button on the St. Luke’s website. (It also appears in the online weekly Messenger.) I registered there and indicated that I wanted my monthly pledge to be taken from my checking account, and divided, as I directed, between the General Fund, the Mortgage Fund, and the World Hunger Fund. I log back in whenever I want to give a memorial or other special gift. Now, on the first day of each month my phone pings and tells me that I have fulfilled my pledge for this month.

Art Johnson

ArtJohnsonMy wife, Nancy, and I are long time members of St. Luke’s. We use our online bank checking account to make all our bill payments via their free electronic “Bill Pay” service. This includes our contributions to St Luke’s. We recommend this service since it avoids writing checks and paying postage as well as keeping our contributions current when we are unable to attend church. In my online bank account I go to the “bill pay” button and designate an amount and a recurring date each month when a check is sent to St. Luke’s. It is easy, safe and really convenient. I urge anyone to give online.